Irving Scacy Haywood

Irving started singing when he was 13 years old. He and a few of his NE Washington DC friends began harmonizing on their street corners often until dark just enjoying the sweet sounds of the music they had created. The guys ( Wes Ford, Hurrie Finch, Jerry Shell, Alvin Mcloud and Irving ) started a group they named "The Vells" and started performing at school functions and talent shows. In 1961they entered a talent show contest and won one week at the Howard theater. The billboard read Marv Johnson, The Flamingos, The Cadillacs, Billy Blann, Etta Jones, The Vells, Mike Gram, M C.

To their delight The Vells met Freddy Smith, bass singer for the "Starlighters" who had an array of hits such as " Its Twelve O"Clock , Birdland and I Cried. Their lead singer was Van McCoy one of the greatest song writers of that time. Freddy took an interest in the group and decided to work with them. Once he was pleased with their progress he happily introduced them to Van. The first thing he advised them to do was to change the group’s name to DC Playboys. They took his advice and became the "DC Playboys". In 1964 they recorded & released "You Were all I needed" & flip side "To Much". One of Irving’s greatest moments was when Van asked him to sing lead on both songs because he usually sang background. After the DC Playboys dismantled, Irving and another member of the Playboys, Alvin McCloud, joined another DC singer Archie Powell and formed a vocal group they called "The Ascots" who recorded the songs " L.O.V.E. love and Another Day."

In the late 60s and early 70s the music style changed and the era of the bands emerged. Washington DC. had the best which included, The Soul Searchers, Black Heat, The Young Senators and Irving’s band Scacy & the Sound Service. Irving chose the name Scacy in honor of his uncle who was listed as MIA during the war. The band became very popular performing six nights a week at various social functions .They also opened for great artist such as, Stevie Wonder at the Warner Theater, War and Chuck Brown to name a few. They recorded a well-received song called "Sunshine" written by band member Bennie Braxton on the SCACY label which is now defunct.

After the Scacy & the Sound Service period ended, Irving decided this was the time to slow down and enjoy a slower pace of life. Just by chance one evening he ran into an old girlfriend and at first they rekindled their friendship but eventually both realized it was love and shortly after that meeting they were married. Life was good for Irving and working a nine to five wasn’t too bad either. But within 3 months of joining the job world Irving received a call from his long time friend and singing partner Archie Powell who offered him a position with The Presidents ( years of love). Irving with his wife’s blessing, decided to join the group and make one last effort to conquer the industry. Columbia Records sent the Presidents to LA to perform on Soul Train. It was a moment Irving will always cherish but unfortunately this union came to an end quickly due to little promotion from the label which led to a lack of working engagements. This was a low point with no job prospect and a new wife.

Eventually Irving obtained a position with Metro Bus Company and all was well again. During this quiet time, Irving started a hobby making briar wood pipes and to his surprise they became in demand. "The Haywood Pipe" as they were called were sold in tobacco shops though out the DMV area and on the internet. TV interviews and awards came along and Pipe Maker Magazine acknowledge that Irving was the only African American pipe maker at that time. Now by anyone’s measure Irving had lived a very eventful life and most would be satisfied with all of the accomplishments but not Irving so when the smoking band became more prevalent he became less interested in pipe making and more interested in Photography and movie making. Thus, Keepsake Image was created.

They were prominent within the wedding video industry. They became experts in shooting, lighting and adobe editing soft wear. After many years and hundreds of weddings and other media projects Irving made a decision to retire the camera and jump into his city’s political arena.

In 2007, Irving ran for the Council-at-Large seat in Glenarden and won. He served on the council for 4years and was elected by his colleagues to serve as Vice Chair during his second term. He realized that politics was not for him so he did not run for another term to the dismay of his constituients.

In the year 2011 music was resonating again so after successfully going through major heart surgery Irving realized he really missed singing and had to get back to it. He had a premonition during his hospital stay that if he returned to music he would be set on higher ground. This revelation came true in 2013 when Irving auditioned for the Prince Georges County Senior Idol Contest and won. Then along with 19 other contestants he competed in the 7th Maryland Senior Idol Contest and won this also.

Since resurrection Sunday 2011, Irving has been guest vocalist on numerous engagements with the Bowie State Jazz ensemble ( 20 peace horn section ). He created a music CD of classic R&B songs and appeared with the legendary Clovers on a sold out show that included the Flamingos at the Parker Playhouse that is located in Florida. Irving along with "Good Company" just released a new song and video titled "I Just Pretend" The reviews are great and Irving is excited about his future because perhaps this is his time to shine and take on and succeed in the music industry with the one major weapon, his silky, soulful voice.